Il Centro ACP - Centro Ricerca Nazionale - Salute Benessere Formazione

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L'Associazione Centro ACP Psicologia e Counseling
L'Associazione Centro ACP Psicologia e Counseling
L'Associazione Centro ACP Psicologia e Counseling

Centro ACP

Center for Advanced Research for Counseling and Psychology

Our business is focused on improving the socio-psychological skills of the people and to provide psychological assistance to both the individual and groups. Our goal is to work directly with people, which aim to solve various kinds of psychological problems related to difficulties in interpersonal relationships, as well as deep personal problems.

Business consulting, managerial and strategic.

Management consulting, our advice is primarily intended to intervene in the processes and corporate organization to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Management advice - the solution of many problems associated with the organization of the operating and business processes is linked to the identification of areas of weakness and strength of the company in order to obtain:
  • improving the performance of the enterprise;
  • the company's growth;
  • business diversification;
  • the optimization of the personnel;
  • ongoing support in a crisis.

Our work involves the interaction of different types of consulting services, affecting the technological, economic, financial, legal and other of the company.

Based on this analysis, our experts will make recommendations concerning the key objectives of the policy and strategy of the overall planning, structuring and control the work of the organization.

Based on a preliminary analysis of the company we are able to provide recommendations for optimizing the staff. and our experts will help you to solve the problem of regulation of relations in the team, taking into account changes in place to improve the efficiency of complex business.
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